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Update magazine May 2020

Read about our forest management and re-greening work in Mali.

In this issue...

  • Forest management in Mali.
  • Goodbye to outgoing CEO, John Moffett.
  • Re-greening in Koulikoro.

Forest management in Mali

Abdias lives in Bankouma-Mandiaku and is part of the Strengthening Malian Forest Management project. He grows cereals millet, sorghum, and corn. And used to be entirely reliant on the yields of these crops to feed his family. This was particularly difficult during the dry season.

Now thanks to the techniques he’s learnt such as soil and water conservation, assisted natural regeneration and the creation of Zai pit rock barriers, he and his family are a lot less vulnerable to the hardship of a bad harvest.

"Now, I buy less fertiliser and I produce well every year regardless of the rainfall. My cereal production is enough to feed my family. Thus, I manage to ensure the health and the well-being of children much more than before. I know that when my trees grow, I will have wood, fruit, and leaves to eat and sell. Through my trees, I see that tomorrow will be better."
Abdias, Bankouma-Mandiaku, Mali
Sounkoura, participant in the Re-greening Koulikoro project

Project update: re-greening Koulikoro

In Koulikoro, Mali, the impact of the climate crisis is being felt by local communities. Soil erosion and diminishing crop returns are having a devastating effect. With the land becoming more infertile every day, growing enough food to support their families is no easy task.

Find out how the Re-greening Koulikoro project is tackling these issues through growing trees and providing tools and training.