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Mohammed's story

Meet Mohammed

"My name is Mohammed and I am 34 years old. My main source of income comes from selling crops but we face natural disasters like heavy rain and strong winds, and it affects my crops and my income." 

But Mohammed has hope that with the help of the Future Forest project, his local community will be able to restore the local Metema forest and use its resources, like its ancient frankincense trees, to earn an income for their families.

Before the project

The local Metema forest provides a unique opportunity for people like Mohammed to earn an income by extracting and selling frankincense from its trees. But with limited tools and skills, and the added complications of deforestation and forest degradation, Mohammed and his community are currently missing out.

He said, "I think deforestation is the main challenge for our community. Because of degradation, we have lost forest products that could be eaten or used as sources of income and the soil fertility has reduced."  


How the project will help

Mohammed knows that with the right training and tools, he would be able to make the most of his local forest. He said, “Frankincense trees create job opportunities for people, especially youths who don’t have land to farm on. It provides them with an income.”  

"There are challenges with producing frankincense but the price for frankincense is much better than any crop we produce. I really admire the project approach - creating jobs for landless youths in our region."

“To the people that are willing to support this initiative, I would like to thank you for your kind-hearted response.”
Mohammed, Metema, Ethiopia

Looking to the future

Mohammed is hopeful for the future, if his community are able to protect and use their frankincense forest sustainably. With the help of the project he believes that “there will be peace for families and the community - there will be happy people living decent lives”.  

He hope to be able to provide his children with the future that he only dreamed of. “I would have been in a better position if I completed at least high school education. That why I am committed to supporting my children. I hope they will continue their education to a high level and create a family business."