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Stories from our corporate partners

Find out how our corporate partners are supporting us and get involved.

With the support of our corporate partners, we have helped over 1.8 million people to grow around 22 million trees. Explore some of our partnerships, which are leading the way in sustainable business and environmental restoration.

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A women, Makada, in a brightly coloured dress under a tree, photo credit Ecosia.

Restoring a river with Ecosia

Thanks to Ecosia, we're helping communities in Ghana to restore the land and the river that they rely on for survival. 

With their support, we’ve worked with almost 16,000 people to grow over one million trees along the Daka river. 

Prestige's eco frying pans on a wooden counter. Photo credit: Prestige.


Our partner, Prestige — the developers of the world’s most eco-friendly non-stick cookware — plant one tree with us for every eco pan they sell. As well as showing their commitment to corporate social responsibility, their support is helping to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis in the drylands of Africa.

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A man working on a Tree Aid project in Ghana holding tree saplings that he will plant in his community, contributing to the Great Green Wall.

Pines and Needles

We are lucky to have been supported by The Christmas Forest, by Pines and Needles, for 15 years through sales of their sustainable Christmas trees

Samuel, the co-founder of The Christmas Forest, said, “Our support for Tree Aid means that Christmas Forest employees and customers can feel part of lasting change by choosing us. As we make sustainable choices to tackle the climate crisis, with Tree Aid we are building to something bigger — creating thriving forests and communities across Africa."


Ohh Deer became a partner in 2017, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and protecting the future of our planet. So, for every 4 subscription boxes sold, Papergang helps grow a tree in the Sahel through Tree Aid. Together, we have helped to grow over 50,000 trees so far!

Ohh Deer Managing Director Mark Callaby said, “We are all responsible for doing our part to protect the planet. We’re really proud of our partnership with Tree Aid, which is important for Ohh Deer's corporate responsibility. Above all, our partnership helps to provide urgent reforestation for communities right now and for the future.”


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