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The Great Green Walk

Get involved with staff fundraising for the Great Green Wall.
Tree Aid supporters smiling and wearing Tree Aid running vests after completing the Bath half marathon to raise money to help communities in the drylands of Africa.

Join The Great Green Walk

Work as a team to take on the Great Green Walk! Whether you cover 80, 800 or 8000km, you'll be raising money to support the Great Green Wall - an African-led movement to restore land across the Sahel and transform the lives of millions living on the frontline of the climate crisis. 

Walk, run, swim or cycle… however you decide to get active, you’ll be raising money that will help people in Africa's drylands to grow trees and restore land. 

Why take part?

By taking part in the Great Green Walk, you and your team can raise money to support communities across the drylands of Africa to grow vital trees. Tree Aid projects work with local communities to tackle the effects of the climate crisis to build a sustainable future for everyone.

This is also a great team-building activity to boost staff motivation and engage your team whilst contributing to a fantastic cause! 

What is the Great Green Wall?

The Great Green Wall is an ambitious, African-led initiative to restore 8,000km of degraded land across the Sahel. Not only will this help to tackle the climate crisis, but it will also create thousands of new 'green' jobs for people living along it's path. 

The Great Green Wall will support people to transform their lives now, and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Sign Up TODAY 

Get in touch today to register your interest to take part in the Great Green Walk! Fill out the form below or email us at