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Tree Aid's Five Year Strategy

Learn about the five year strategy that will lead Tree Aid forward to 2027

Tree Aid’s work plays a vital role in tackling the climate crisis and helping communities lift themselves out of poverty. Together, we are dedicated to transforming lives.

The need for this transformation has never been more profound or more urgent. Yet the opportunity to cause a seismic shift across the drylands of Africa has never been so real.

This strategy is the next step towards achieving our wider 20-year vision, that of a thriving natural environment where deforestation and land degradation rates have been reversed. Together, we can build resilient communities, who have the tools and training needed to manage their landscapes and grow their businesses.

Listen to Tree Aid's strategy podcast

We sit down with CEO, Tom Skirrow and Director of Programmes, Georges Bazongo, to discuss the significance of our new strategy and the charity's focus right now:

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