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Major gifts

Help us grow our impact across the drylands of Africa.

Giving a major gift is one of the most effective ways to support Tree Aid's work. Your donation will have a huge impact. You'll help us plant more fruit trees, re-green more land and support people living in poverty.

Support our Great Green Goal Appeal

Time is running out – millions of people in the Sahel are facing a triple emergency of poverty, environmental degradation, and climate change. We urgently need to scale-up tree planting before we reach a tipping-point of 1.5 degrees in global heating.

Our Great Green Goal appeal is a bid to accelerate the Great Green Wall faster than we’ve ever done before. This African-led initiative aims to grow a wide belt of trees, vegetation, and fertile land across Africa. Trees are beneficial for communities and are a nature-based solution for mitigating the effects of the climate crisis. They grow when other crops fail, enrich the soil, and provide communities with food and income.

Our impact

For over 30 years Tree Aid has been working with communities to improve soil fertility, increasing food and incomes for more than 1.8 million people. Together we have grown almost 22 million trees. Our projects offer long-term change and address the effects of the climate crisis.