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Help us grow our impact across the drylands of Africa.

Giving a major gift is one of the most effective ways to support Tree Aid's work. Your donation will have a huge impact. You'll help us plant more fruit trees, re-green more land and support people living in poverty.

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As a major donor, you are central to our work at Tree Aid. You will help to support all areas of activity across our projects. You'll receive regular updates about your impact and access to our exclusive events. Most of all, you'll see the amazing impact your gift makes to the lives of communities in the drylands.

Abba Achana standing in front of tree roots while her portrait is taken, © 2021 Tree Aid.

Root for Change

Globally, countries in the drylands of Africa are hardest hit by the effects of the climate crisis, despite contributing to it the least. Weather patterns are becoming more erratic and droughts and floods are becoming more frequent and severe. The dry season is lasting even longer, meaning crop die and people struggle to grow enough food to eat and sell.

Will you join us and Root for Change this Christmas? You can support communities across the Sahel to build resilience to the effects of the climate crisis, and grow the roots for a better, greener future. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch at 

Baata's Story

Baata lives in Ghana with his wife and children. He is living on the frontline of the climate crisis, and told us how changing weather conditions are affecting his farming and ability to grow crops. 

The Root for Change appeal will support more families like Baata's to build climate resilience. For the people we work with, trees mean stability. Their roots stop soil and nutrients being washed away in floods and store water for the dry season, helping crops to grow. Roots are the support system for trees, absorbing nutrients and storing water to make each tree thrive.

A man in Ethiopia sitting and smiling in front of a building.

Support a project

Giving a major gift to one of our projects will bring you closer to specific aspects of our work. As a result, you’ll get deeper insights into the regions where we operate. You'll also become familiar with the communities living there.  

Our impact

For over 30 years Tree Aid has been working with communities to improve soil fertility, increasing food and incomes for more than 1.8 million people. Together we have grown almost 22 million trees. Our projects offer long-term change and address the effects of the climate crisis.

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