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About us

Tree Aid is a charity working with communities in the drylands of Africa to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis.

Our Vision

At Tree Aid, our vision is thriving, sustainable communities across the drylands of Africa. We believe that tackling poverty and protecting the environment are inseparable. That’s why we work together with local people to grow trees and restore land, to fight poverty and the effects of the climate crisis.

Our impact

Our projects make an impact right now, and are helping protect everyone’s future. They provide food and income for communities, tackling poverty today. They also offer long-term change, improving the environment and soil fertility, and tackling the effects of the climate crisis, for tomorrow.  

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A woman walking on a path in northern Ghana with a large tree behind her. Photo credit: Rowan Griffiths, Daily Mirror.

Our story

Tree Aid was established as a charity in 1987 by foresters in response to famine in Ethiopia. They wanted to provide a long-term solution once emergency relief efforts ended. They believed that trees offered exactly that — and they were right.   

Since then, we have restored 171,164 hectares of degraded land, supported 38,650 people to develop enterprise groups selling seeds, fruits and nuts from trees for sustainable income, and grown 30,165,417 trees across the Sahel region.   

"Before Tree Aid came here, we didn’t know the importance of trees. Tree Aid taught us how to care for and nurture trees, collect the shea nuts and produce the butter. Trees have a lot of importance for us." Awa, Torem Village, Burkina Faso

Our projects

Our projects are focused in the drylands of Africa, in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Ethiopia – and more recently, Senegal where we are working to grow the Olympic Forest with the IOC. Here, in the Sahel, over 350 million people’s lives are devastated by the reduction in fertile land and the climate crisis.

That’s why we are working with communities to grow millions of trees and protect huge areas of land each year.

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Our partners

Tree Aid works in partnership with community-based organisations, local, national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), government agencies and international organisations. We work with trusted partners led by local people. They have specialised expertise and a clear understanding of local issues. 

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Why trees?

Trees provide...

  • Nutritious food such as fruits, giving people a stable food supply, even when crops fail.   
  • Fertile land to grow crops on. Tree roots prevent more fertile soil being lost.   
  • Income from selling tree products like shea butter and soap. 
  • Resilience against a changing climate, improving the soil and providing alternative sources of food and income.