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Elizabeth's story

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is 21 years old and from northern Ghana. She's pregnant with her first child. She told us about the issues she and her community faced before she joined a Tree Aid project:

"The land had lost its fertility and, because of this, any time we planted we were unable to get enough yield from our farms."

Farming has become much more difficult. The climate crisis is leading to erratic weather and tree cover in their area has decreased significantly.

Since joining the project

"The Grow Hope project is very beneficial to us.

It has reduced my poverty because I am part of the Village Saving and Loans Association. I take loans from the group to support my farming activities.

And I have gained knowledge - training on the importance of trees, why we should practice assisted natural regeneration and why we should plant trees."

"I want to thank Tree Aid supporters for bringing this project to my community...."

Looking to the future

“My hope is that in the future I should be able to take good care of my child, to go to school, and then become somebody that is important in society.

I also hope that when he or she grows, they will join the Village Savings and Loans Association to participate in the group activities. That is what I hope."