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Partnering with Ecosia

Working together to restore the banks of the Daka River.

Since 2017 we have partnered with Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, on a special project to support communities to restore land and plant trees along the Daka river in Ghana.

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Community taking part in Daka River Restoration Project 2018 - Credit Ecosia

Working with local communities

For many people living in northern Ghana, the Daka river is a vital source of water. Working with local communities, the trees planted as part of this project help to restore the surrounding soil that has degraded due to climate change, and provide income and food security for future generations.

Now three years into the project, we have grown nearly 1.5 million trees and given 775 local farmers the tools and training needed to restore and protect their local environment. Since the project began, we have also doubled the number of communities we work with to 61. 

“We thank Tree Aid and Ecosia because the training is helping us a lot - we are replicating it on our farms. And also the trees that they have supported us to plant along the river will protect the river and in the near future we will get good quality water to drink and we will also be able to get enough water throughout the whole season.”
Azumah Makapu, Project Participant in Yendi

Azumah’s Story

As a participant in this project, Azumah has experienced first-hand the benefits of planting trees along the river. Before joining the project, Azumah struggled to farm his groundnut, maize and yam crops due to infertile soil. Now he is part of a tree-planting group, and uses the skills he has learnt in his own work too.

"We’re working with Tree Aid towards our common goal — planting trees where the need is greatest. Together in Ghana, we are unlocking the potential of trees to restore the Daka river, benefiting people and the planet. Thanks to Tree Aid, Ecosia searches are changing lives and livelihoods in Ghana."
Pieter van Midwoud, Chief Tree Planting Officer, Ecosia

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The power of trees

At Tree Aid, we know that trees offer a long-term solution to the effects of the climate crisis and poverty. Azumah's experience of participating in the Daka river project highlights the crucial and versatile role of trees for communities living in the drylands of Africa.


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