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Fundraising FAQs

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about fundraising for Tree Aid.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about fundraising for Tree Aid. If you still have a question, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team via email at or give us a call on 0117 909 6363.

  • Yes, Tree Aid is registered with a website called JustGiving. Through JustGiving, you can set up a page for any events or fundraising you are running. It is easy to use, safe and convenient; your sponsors simply make donations online, and the money and Gift Aid will come directly to Tree Aid. 

    To set up a JustGiving page, please visit If you would like any help, contact our Supporters Team on 0117 909 6363 or


  • You can pay it in online, by post or over the phone. 

    To pay it in online, visit our website. Here, you can make a donation using your credit or debit card. Please remember to make a note of how you raised it in the comments box. 

    To pay it in by post, send a cheque made payable to Tree Aid with a quick covering note to Freepost Tree Aid. 

    To pay it in over the phone, give our supporter care team a call on 0117 909 6363. You can pay it using your credit or debit card. 

  • Yes. If you are fundraising through JustGiving, your friends and family will have the chance to tick the Gift Aid box when they are making their donation. 

    If you are fundraising offline, you will need to ask each individual sponsor to complete a Gift Aid declaration and record how much they are donating. The easiest way to do this is to download a Tree Aid sponsorship form here.

    You are still able to send in one cheque that covers multiple donations as long as you include a copy of the sponsorship forms you have completed. 

  • Fundraising from individuals and community groups is unrestricted. This means we can use the money wherever the need is greatest throughout our organisation which keeps administration costs down and ensures that money is directed to the areas it will make the biggest impact in. 

    If you raise over £1,000 and would like to discuss allocating this to a specific project, please call our supporter care team to discuss this further. You can reach them on 0117 909 6363.

  • Tree Aid is not able to provide money to cover the costs of your event. We recommend speaking to local businesses to see if they’d make donations to cover your efforts. 

  • Yes — we have a special logo that you can use to promote your fundraising but you must not alter the logo or misrepresent Tree Aid’s work in any way. If you would like a copy of the logo or any advice, please contact our supporter care team on

  • We have limited space on our website so will not be able to advertise your event there. However, we may be able to promote your fundraising on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please let us know if you would like us to share your posts by emailing us at or tagging us on social media. 

  • However much you raise, your donations will make the world of difference across Africa’s drylands. Here are some examples of what you could achieve: 

    • £30 could provide a farmer with three fruit trees and the knowledge to look after them.
    • £50 could provide a family with the tools they need to harvest their trees and cook nutritious meals.
    • £100 could provide a community with everything they need to get their trees started, including seedlings, wheelbarrows and watering cans.
    • £700 could provide a village with a well, ensuring water for the trees and the people.
  • Fundraising appeals via post, email, and phone are one of the most successful ways we can raise money for our work. 

    However, we do appreciate that not all supporters would like to receive them and we strive to ensure that everyone is happy with the way they are contacted. 

    You can change the frequency or method of our contact with you at any time by contacting our supporter care team on 0117 909 6363 or

    For more information on this, please see our supporters’ promise.

Further Questions?

If you have further questions about Tree Aid or fundraising activities, please get in touch with our supporter care team. They will be happy to help. You can reach them on 0117 909 6363 or