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Growing food and incomes

Working with communities to grow food and incomes from forest products.

The project

Since 2017, we have been working with communities in Burkina Faso that are hard hit by poverty and hunger.

Through this project, we are providing people with the tools and training they need to grow nutritious foods to eat. We are also helping people to process and sell tree products like shea butter to make an income. At the same time, we will support communities to grow trees and restore their land for now, and for the future.

Why is this project needed?

In Burkina Faso, poverty and hunger are widespread issues. During the long dry months, when people struggle to grow enough food, many can only eat once a day. Children often suffer the effects the most, with mothers being forced to rely on non-nutritious foods like maize to feed them. 

One-third of the country’s farmland is already degraded due to the effects of the climate crisis and deforestation — the clearing of trees for things like farms. This is making it even harder for people to grow enough crops to eat and sell to earn an income. 

Close up of a pan with moringa leaves being cooked.

Our aims

This project aims to support women and children who are often the most vulnerable to hunger and poverty. Nutrition gardens are being created and people are being trained to grow and care for moringa and baobab trees, providing nutritious food to 2,000 households.

We are also working with local authorities to influence policies and laws, helping to protect trees and promote the use of their products to make things like shea butter to sell. We are supporting communities with tools, training, and opportunities to sell their products in shops and kiosks.

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    households will be supported

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    tree nurseries will be created

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    households will benefit from nutrition gardens

Fatimata, a woman in Burkina Faso, stood in front of a degraded landscape.

“We joined the project because we needed more resources. Now I am busy in the garden planting moringa. Moringa leaves are rich in nutrients, so we can eat these at home and sell some too. Now, the garden is our gold.” Fatimata, Boulzoma, Burkina Faso

Our impact

All 200 of the proposed nutrition gardens have been set up and locals have been trained to care for them. Communities are now using the gardens to grow nutritious food. Nearly half of the planned tree nurseries have been set up and over 375,000 trees have been grown and planted out.

We have supported the development of 79 management plans that will help people to restore and protect their forests. With trees protected, locals can use their products to set up enterprises. These groups have developed business plans and are already selling tree products in 14 kiosks and two shops. 

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    enterprise development plans established

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    tree nurseries created

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    nutrition gardens set up

Our partners

This project has been made possible with funding from the Swiss Development Co-operation. We are working with local partners to implement this project.