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Grow Hope

Supporting communities to develop sustainable businesses from tree products.

The project

This three-year project in Upper East Ghana aims to support over 1,800 households to make and sell tree products like shea butter to increase their income. We are training locals to protect, restore and manage the environment. And we are working with communities to make and distribute fuel-saving stoves which cut down the amount of wood people need for cooking.

As a result, the project will promote sustainable use of forests that will help the environment and people to thrive for years to come.  

Why is this project needed?

The Upper East region of Ghana is one of the most degraded parts of the country. Due to the effects of the climate crisis, soil that was once fertile can no longer support plant life. 

The people we work with rely on the land for food and income. As a result, it is becoming more difficult to grow food and poverty is increasing. That’s why we are working with communities to grow trees and build enterprises that give them income today and stability for the future. 

Women in Ghana making shea butter to sell.

Our aims

This project is supporting new and existing enterprise groups to learn how to process and market products like shea butter to increase their incomes.  

Farmers will learn to grow trees and care for them to ensure that each tree thrives, using tools and training from the project. We will also support groups of women to make and distribute fuel-saving stoves and share knowledge on managing bushfires. This will help protect forests so that people can live from them for years to come.  

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    enterprise groups will be supported

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    trees will be grown

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    fuel-saving stoves will be made

Kubaje, a women that Tree Aid is working with in Ghana, smiling and holding a bowl of shea nuts that she collected.

“We have benefited from a lot of training under this project. Out of the money that comes, we are able to buy enough food to feed our family. It is earning us a lot of respect in our society.” Kubaje, Nakolo village, Ghana

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    new enterprises supported

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    trees grown, exceeding our original target

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    fuel-saving stoves made

Our impact

Two-years into the project, we have already made great progress. We are supporting 42 new enterprise groups with the tools and training they need to process and market tree products. With three new warehouses built, they are also able to safely store things like shea nuts, to provide a stable income all year round.  

210 farmers have learnt to grow and care for trees and protect them from bushfires. A women’s pottery group are making and distributing fuel-saving stoves which are reducing the amount of firewood needed for cooking.  

Our partners

This project is being implemented by Tree Aid in collaboration with the local implementing partner, ORGIIS Ghana, and with funding from Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA).