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Annual Report and Accounts 2020/21

Tackling poverty, tackling the effects of the climate crisis. Discover our more recent impact in 2021/22

Our impact in 2020/21

Growing trees offers proven solutions to the climate crisis and global poverty – something that is gaining increased recognition. Tree Aid’s projects across the drylands of Africa have always taken a long-term approach, tackling poverty and inequality today, while restoring land, trees and soil for tomorrow.

In 2020/21, we worked with nearly 700,000 people to grow over 2.6 million trees and protect almost 10,000 new hectares of land, all thanks to supporters like you.

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Impact by country

Our projects provide food and income for communities, tackling poverty today. They also
offer long-term change, improving the environment and soil fertility and tackling the effects of the climate crisis, for tomorrow.

This report shows the amazing impact we’ve had in 2020/21, thanks to supporters like you.

Discover the impact we had in 2021/22.

Our Annual Report 2020/21

Managing land

In 2020/21, we joined forces with local communities in Africa’s drylands to grow 2,600,945 trees and protect 9,600 new hectares of land.

In Ethiopia, we worked with 169 farmers to restore 120 hectares of degraded land. Our work with people in Niger helped them to rehabilitate land and reduce human-wildlife conflicts. And across all our projects, we supported 54,824 people with new fuel-efficient stoves which use half as much firewood as traditional ones, meaning fewer trees are being cut down.

Protecting forests

Working with communities, organisations and policy-makers, we do everything we can to make sure local people can protect and manage the forests and land they depend on. 

In Burkina Faso, we worked with 1,800 people to create forest management plans to help them protect the 739,200 trees planted last year. We worked with over 1,300 people in the country to build 145 water-conserving boulis, providing a water source so they can keep their forests healthy. In 2020/21, 40 leaders in Ghana had training on how to influence local authorities to manage local forests sustainably and fairly. 

Growing businesses

In 2020/21, we supported people to form 96 new village tree enterprises, bringing the total we work with to 978.

In Burkina Faso we worked with local people to make and sell products like shea butter, helping more than 27,000 people lift themselves out of extreme poverty. In Ghana, we trained 120 village tree enterprises on managing finance and credit, negotiation, entrepreneurship and business development. The village tree enterprise members' income rose by 331% on average.

Growing nutritious food

We work with communities to grow trees that provide nutritious fruit, nuts and leaves, giving people stable supplied of food even when other crops fail due to the climate crisis.

In Ethiopia we trained 462 people to better understand the nutritional value of foods from trees, and how to prepare moringa leaves, which are rich in important nutrients. In Burkina Faso, we distributed nearly 10,000 flyers with recipes using nutritious ingredients derived from trees in different local languages. In Ghana, we worked with 210 farmers this year to plant 7,350 fruit trees.

“Now that we are part of this project, one of the benefits is that we will no longer struggle to find food for our families." Kachana Nakolo, Ghana