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Update magazine August 2022

Learn about our new 5-year strategy, a new country of operation, and some incredible fundraising efforts from our supporters. 05th August 2022

Inside this issue...

  • New strategy launches 
  • Expanding our work into a new country - Senegal 
  • The virtual forest 

Our new strategy has now launched 

This is the next step towards achieving our wider 20-year vision. Over the next five years we will be working towards: 

  • Empowering families: giving 2.4 million people the skills needed to lift themselves out of poverty 
  • Empowering communities: growing 12 million trees and restoring 220,000 hectares of land 
  • Empowering systems: partnering with governments to develop restoration plans, fighting for increased climate and development funding, and much more. 

We have expanded our work into Senegal

Working in partnership with International Olympic Committee, we will grow thousands of trees and restore huge areas of land across Mali and Senegal, contributing to the Great Green Wall initiative.