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Update magazine August 2023

Inside this issue...

  • News from Burkina Faso
  • Tree Aid innovations in Ghana
  • Interview with a Tree Aid Project Officer in Mali

News from Burkina Faso

Since 2007, Tree Aid has been working with communities across Burkina Faso to manage, protect, and use forests, known as our forest governance programme.

Following the success of phase one, in 2019 we rolled out our work into more communities across the country.

So far on this project, there have been 609,021 trees planted, 138 new enterprise groups created to collect, transform and sell tree products, and many more achievements.

Tree Aid innovations in Ghana

Ghana has experienced severe land degradation. The environment there is difficult, the land is dry and
infertile, making it difficult for people to grow food. As a result, Tree Aid is finding ways to adapt to these

Some of the ingenious solutions include grass briquettes, vetiver grass planting, and mud walls.


An interview with a Tree Aid Project Officer

''I am most proud of improving women’s living conditions.''

We talk to Aly Diarra, a Tree Aid Project Officer in Mali.

Aly gives us an insight into his day-to-day, the projects he is working on and his hopes for the future.

Read online below, or click the link to download a PDF copy: