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Update magazine March 2023

Read about the Olympic Forest in Senegal, updates from two projects in Mali, and phase two of the Daka River project restoration 03rd March 2023

Inside this issue...

  • Growing the Olympic forest in Senegal
  • Project updates from Mali
  • The second phase of the Daka river project

The Olympic Forest in Senegal

The project with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) aims to grow over 589,000 trees and restore huge areas of land across Mali and Senegal, contributing to the Great Green Wall initiative.

The IOC visited Senegal late last year to plant a symbolic native tree at the future Youth Olympic Village in Dakar.

This celebrates the first phase of tree-planting activities for the Olympic Forest in Senegal and Mali, where 70,000 seedlings have already been planted.

News from Mali

We have recently expanded our She Grows project in Mali’s neighbouring Koulikoro region.

The project will help support 1,000 women to improve their economic and social status.


Restoring the Daka river: phase 2

In the March 2022 Update we told you about the completion of the Daka River restoration project in Ghana.

In partnership with Ecosia, we are continuing to work with riverside communities to grow more trees and restore the river in the next phase of this project.

Read online below, or click the link to download a PDF copy: