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Help the Planet With Zero-Waste Gift Ideas

21st August 2023

Looking for alternative and planet-friendly gift ideas? For many of us, concerns about the climate emergency's impact are changing how we show appreciation to loved ones. And with an estimated 5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year in the UK alone, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking for zero-waste gifts that make people smile while making a difference.

The good news? Choosing to gift a donation is the perfect way to make a positive impact not only on the planet, but for the everyday people who are working to restore it. And with lots of different donations on offer, there’s bound to be something that your loved one can feel really passionate about! So how can you help the planet with zero-waste gift ideas? Below is a closer look:

  1. Gift growing a tree
  2. Give the gift of training
  3. Gift a donation of tools
  4. Give the gift of healthy food
  5. Gift the ability to grow incomes

1. Give the gift of tree-growing

A man planting a tree seedling into the earth

Growing trees is hugely important for the health of the environment. It’s no secret that deforestation is a major contributor to the climate emergency. That’s why gifting a tree is a great way to help restore areas of land and improve the lives of millions who live there. Give your loved one a donation of a tree and they’ll be happy knowing that their gift is making a real impact.

Tree Aid always plants the right trees for the right places and has 100s of tree species. But some of our favourites are:

2. Give the gift of training

Two people planting seedlings in the earth in Africa

Growing trees and restoring the environment is only possible due to the amazing knowledge of the communities we work with. Every one of Tree Aid’s projects are community-led, which means that the training people receive helps them protect forests for years to come.

From beekeeping to tree grafting, a gift donation helps people in Africa’s drylands to transform their land, communities and lives:  

3. Give something useful like tools

A close up of a woman wearing wellie boots sitting on the ground

Watering cans, wheelbarrows, wellies! These everyday gardening gifts are perfect for the green-thumbed person who already has what they need at home. For many of us getting out in the garden, these everyday tools can be taken for granted. But in areas where we work, something as simple as wellies can mean people growing trees are protected against venomous snakes, lurking in the undergrowth!

Give your loved one the gift of a gardening tool donation, and your support will make a huge difference to a gardener in African drylands. Here’s just a few:

4. Give the gift of healthy food

A woman with a bowl of seeds smiling at camera

Access to healthy food is crucial for healthy people and communities. But in Africa’s drylands, climate change, and scattered weather patterns means this isn’t always possible. That’s why Tree Aid’s nutrition gardens offer communities dedicated spaces for growing healthy and nutritious food, even during the dry season. A bonus is people can sell any surplus produce at local markets.

Know a foodie who’s conscious about waste? These are the perfect gift donations for them:

5. Gift the ability to grow incomes

Four people wearing beekeeping suits standing in a line

Growing trees is about much more than planting a seedling and walking away. Besides food and protection for the environment, trees also offer people a way of growing themselves out of poverty. How? Because communities can harvest and sell tree produce such as nuts, fruits and leaves.

At Tree Aid, we work with people to set up business enterprises from tree produce, offering training and tools such as growing cooperatives or storage warehouses. With this gift donation, your loved one will be helping other people to thrive for years to come:

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