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Growing cashew enterprises

Earning an income from cashew trees, vegetable farming and honey production.

The project

In Northern Ghana, we are working with farmers to support them to earn an income from cashew trees. They will learn about how to process tree products and market them to increase their income.

With additional support, we will help them to develop vegetable and honey enterprises. This will allow them to diversify their income sources, providing them with stability for the future.

Why is this project needed?

In Northern Ghana, over half of the population live in poverty and rely on farmland for food and income. But the climate crisis is making it more difficult to grow enough crops to eat and sell.  

57% of the world's cashews are grown in Africa. The cashew farmers that we are supporting, work hard to grow cashew nuts and apples. But without business skills and links to buyers, their produce doesn’t always fetch the price it deserves. 

Dabir, a cashew farmer and part of Tree Aid's cashew enterprise project, smiling as he stands proudly with a cashew tree on his land.

Our aims

The project will train 3,000 cashew farmers in farming techniques and business skills. We will support them to process their produce into things like cashew apple jam and provide links to people that will buy it for a good price.

We will also work with communities to develop legume and honey enterprises which will diversify their income sources. The legumes they grow — things like beans and peanuts — have nitrogen-fixing roots that provide the land with nutrients, helping trees and crops to grow.  

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    enterprise groups will be supported

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    cashew farmers will be trained

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    people will be supported to develop enterprises

Achiri, a man in northern Ghana, is taking part in Tree Aid's cashew enterprise project.

“Now, the lands are infertile, we harvest nothing. What we do harvest, you cannot sell, you have to use it to take care of your family. With the help of cashew farming, I know it will change our lives here.” Achiri, West Gonja, Ghana

Our impact

Despite the COVID-19 global health crisis delaying parts of this project, we made significant progress in the first year of this project. We began working with 150 enterprise groups who got stuck into training.

30 of these groups learned about setting up beehives to make honey, and processing cashew apples to sell. Three tree nurseries were also set up and cashew seedlings are already being grown by the communities.

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    enterprise groups trained in beekeeping and cashew processing

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    tree nurseries established

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    enterprise groups involved in training

Our partners

This project has been made possible thanks to funding from UK Aid Direct.