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Working in partnership

We join forces with local, national, and international organisations to grow trees, improve people’s incomes, and restore and protect land.

We work in partnership to find long-term solutions to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis. Together, we influence policy and push for change that protects trees, people’s livelihoods, and our planet.

Our partners

Meet our partners

Working with partners — from local NGOs to national governments and global companies — means we are led by local knowledge and share international expertise.

We develop long-term partnerships, like our work with ORGIIS in Ghana over the last 6 years.

"We’re working with Tree Aid towards our common goal – planting trees where the need is greatest. Together in Ghana, we are unlocking the potential of trees to restore the Daka river, benefiting people and planet. Thanks to Tree Aid, Ecosia searches are changing lives and livelihoods in Ghana."
Pieter van Midwoud, Chief Tree Planting Officer, Ecosia
A woman in northern Ghana walking away with a bowl of tree saplings on her head, ready to plant them in her community.

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Join us as a Tree Aid corporate partner. Help us to grow more amazing projects across the drylands of Africa, tackling poverty, and the climate crisis.

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Our partners in Burkina Faso

We work with many experienced local partners across Burkina Faso to deliver our projects. With funding support from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, we have been able to scale up our work.

  • Association pour la Valorisation des Ressources Naturelles par l’Auto promotion VARENA-ASSO
  • Association Wend Kouni (AWK)
  • La Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture (CRA)
  • Communes across Burkina Faso

Our partners in Ethiopia

Our work in the Dudga-Meki region of Ethiopia has been generously supported by RPS Group PLC and the IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative. We partner with Vision for Community Development Association to work with 3,500 people to decrease pressure on forest resources, create a healthy ecosystem and tackle poverty through improved nutrition and income.

Our partners in Ghana

In Ghana, we join forces with our local partners ORGIIS, ActionAid Ghana and URBANET to work with communities in the north of the country. Thanks to support from our funding partners, we are growing trees to protect the environment, for healthy food, to grow businesses and to bring long-term change.

Our partners in Mali

Our work in Mali continues to grow thanks to support from Darwin Initiative, Turing Foundation and UK Aid from the UK government. Together with our local partners, we are growing trees, helping communities, especially women, to make and sell tree products and restoring the land. 

Our partners in Niger

With our local partner, CoGeZoH, we work with communities living in and around World Heritage Site, Park W, to protect its diverse ecosystem and create green jobs. This is made possible thanks to funding from Darwin Initiative and Swedish Postcode Foundation. 

The Great Green Wall

Tree Aid is working with communities across Africa to grow trees and restore land in support of the Great Green Wall movement. This African-led initiative envisages an 8,000km mosaic of restored land across the Sahel that will transform the lives of millions living on the frontline of the climate crisis.