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Regreening Koulikoro

Growing trees and restoring land to build the Great Green Wall.

The project

We have partnered with Timberland to help them reach their goal of planting 50 million trees by 2025.

We are working with communities in the Koulikoro region of Mali to grow trees and re-green the land and contribute to the Great Green Wall initiative. The trees planted through this project will improve the fertility of the soil and help crops to thrive, tackling food insecurity and poverty in the region. 

Why is this project needed?

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world, where most people rely on the land for food and income. But in a country which is already two-thirds desert, the effects of the climate crisis are making farming even more unpredictable.

The Koulikoro region of Mali has been particularly affected by droughts and deforestation. As a result, the land is rapidly losing its fertility and it is becoming harder for people to grow enough food.  

Close up of tree saplings ready to be planted.

Our aims

Over two years, we aim to support 10,000 people in Koulikoro to grow trees and improve the land. Tree nurseries, set up through the project, will be used to grow trees like baobab and moringa which will then be planted in the community. People will also be trained in tree grafting, planting, and care to make sure every tree thrives 

In return, these trees will provide food and income and help to keep the land fertile so other crops and trees can grow. A further 600 hectares of land will also be restored through enclosure sites — areas of land protected from damaging activities like overgrazing by cattle. 

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    farmers will be trained

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    hectares will be restored

Our partners

We are proud to be partnered with Timberland (, helping them to bring their 50 million tree commitment to life. We are working with a local partner, The Association for the Development of Promotion and Training Activities (ADAF/Gallé), to implement this project.