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Restoring Koulikoro

Growing trees and restoring the land to improve lives in Koulikoro.

The project

Tree Aid is working with communities in the Koulikoro region of Mali to restore and protect land, and improve people's diets and incomes. By providing people with the tools, training, and support they need, they will be able to improve their land and use it to improve their lives. 

This will help to tackle poverty, hunger, and the effects of the climate crisis in the region. 


Why is this project needed?

In just one decade, the Koulikoro region of Mali lost 86% of its forests, most of which were cut down to make room for farms — this is known as deforestation. Many people living here rely on the forests for food and income, but with more trees being lost, this isn't easy.   

On top of this, the climate crisis is making the environment hotter and rainfall more unpredictable. As a result, people struggle to grow enough crops to eat or sell. 

Community members on the restoring Koulikoro project learning to restore their land.

Our aims

This three-year project aims to train 300 farmers to grow and protect trees and restore degraded land. Women’s groups will be supported to make fuel-saving stoves that use half the firewood of traditional stoves. This will help to reduce the amount of trees being cut down for firewood.

Communities will grow baobab and moringa trees in nutrition gardens to provide nutritious food, all year round. Communities can also sell surplus tree products grown in the gardens to earn an income. Through the project, locals will be supported to process and sell tree products like shea butter and soap. 

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    farmers will be trained

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    trees will be grown

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    hectares will be restored

Our impact

So far, we have successfully set up two tree nurseries which communities have used to produce over 19,000 trees. Over 400 farmers have been trained in tree care and have already regenerated over 60,000 trees. They have also learned soil and water conservation techniques that they are using to restore land and prevent soil erosion over 203 hectares of land. 

Two nutrition gardens have been set up and another two are nearly finished. These gardens are being used to grow nutritious foods and the surplus will be sold. 

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    farmers trained

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    trees grown

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    hectares of land restored

Our partners

This project is funded by the Turing Foundation. We are working with a local partner, The Association for the Development of Promotion and Training Activities (ADAF/Gallé) to implement this project.