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Cool cashew

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Cashew trees produce nuts and fruit that are packed with protein and nutrients. The fruit can be used in cooking – it’s great in curries, and can be turned into juice and jam. These products along with the nuts can help families to earn a living when they are sold at market. The fallen leaves of the cashew tree can be used in composting to improve soil fertility for other trees and crops. There are endless opportunities for families with this tree.

Why Cashew Trees? 

Did you know that 57% of the world's cashew trees are grown in Africa?

Ideal for its ability to grow in poor soils, cashews are a drought-hardy tree. What's more, they produce a high value crop - cashew nuts, and almost every part of the tree can be used, including the cashew apple.

They are ideal trees to be planted as part of an agroforestry system. When grown alongside other crops, the deep roots of the tree help reduce erosion, and the fallen leaves help to fertilise the land.

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Kapouri, a woman in Burkina Faso, washing out a bowl used to collect shea nuts.

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