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Read Tree Aid's latest impact reports and annual accounts from our work in the drylands of Africa.

Our 2020/21 Annual Report

Our projects provide food and income, tackling poverty today. They also improve the environment, tackling the effects of the climate crisis for tomorrow.

In 2020/21, we worked with nearly 700,000 people to grow over 2.6 million trees and protect almost 10,000 new hectares of land, all thanks to supporters like you. Read the full report to see the amazing impact we’ve had in 2020/21, thanks to supporters like you.

Our Annual Accounts

Get more information about Tree Aid’s achievements, administrative costs and funding through detailed financial statements in our Annual Accounts. 

Our latest accounts are available to download here:

Project impact report from Burkina Faso

From 2017 to 2020, we worked with communities in Burkina Faso to grow food and incomes from forest products. The project had some incredible impacts for the people we worked with, including a 161% increase in average annual household income, a 42% decrease in chronic malnutrition in children under five years old, and over 9,900 hectares of degraded land restored and now under sustainable management.

Project report from Mali

After three years, our project in the Ségou region of Mali came to an end in July 2020. Thanks to our monitoring and evaluation work, this project provides us with some of the most in-depth data that we have ever had at Tree Aid. With thorough data collection and analysis done at both the start and end of the project, we are excited to share with you just some of the incredible results achieved.

Download the full report:

Women in northern Ghana walking in a line with tree saplings in buckets on their heads before planting them. Photo credit: Rowan Griffiths, Daily Mirror.

Growing Hope Strategy 2017-22

Our Growing Hope Strategy 2017-22 lays out our ambitious targets to grow over 8 million trees, work with 2.5 million people to grow incomes and grow our impact by sharing our learning and expertise to influence policy and promote the rights of people living in Africa's drylands.

Update magazine

Our magazine for supporters features stories and updates from our projects and people. It's a chance to really get to know our work and our team and hear the latest from the Sahel region where we work.